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Bringing a life into this world is truly a miracle. Capturing this moment is so special not only to you, but to your family and your new baby. I have over 10 years of experience photographing Newborns and ensuring their safety before trying to achieve a certain pose. I have a comfortable Natural light Studio with all the things you need for your Session to create memories. They are only little for so long. 

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A range of dresses available for use in your session. 

I offer a range of over 30 gowns to choose from in our Client Wardrobe ranging from sizes 8-18.

It really takes the pressure off bring a new mummy and having to find something to wear. There are lots of different styles from lace, lots of flowing dresses, they are predominately whites and creams to go with the Boho style. 

I have a large range of children's clothing  too.

I provide all the wraps, props, outfits, headbands for your gorgeous little baby. 


Both Parents are recommended to be in the photos. Sibling poses are so special at any age. Toddlers can often be bribed to get in a photo or we have a few tricks to include them in the session, same goes with teenagers! 

The posing style is best described as relaxed with direction. We want you to look and feel good, making sure your best angles are captured.

Grandparents are welcome to attend and be in the photos. 

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Within the first few weeks, your baby will tend to be the sleepiest and so teeny tiny, capturing these photographs to bring you back to that moment in time. 

The newborn stage is generally classified until 12 weeks old. The older the baby, the more alert type shots and the close connection is captured between you. 

Any age is beautiful to capture of your new baby.


The Session is very much led by your baby, if extra cuddles are needed, then we will stop for cuddles. I don't force your baby into any poses, i will photograph your baby naturally. A lot of poses are with baby in your arms cuddled up close. An extra feed might be needed during the Session. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Session take? 

On average, a session is around 2 hours long. A Session is also determined by the baby and feeding times. 

Where are the photos taken? 

I have a Natural Light Studio on my property at Mulgoa. There is a lounge, bathroom, and air-conditioning to help you relax during your session. I do offer in-home sessions, please reach out to me to discuss. 

Who is included in the Session?

Parents and siblings are encouraged, and Grandparents are most welcome also. The Session can be a lot more comfortable for the baby if they can be cuddled and held for photos, embracing those newborn cuddles. 

What age should my baby be? 

Babies tend to be more sleepy and curly in the first 2-3 weeks. Once the baby is born, we can schedule a date around that time. If your baby is older, we can definitely capture beautiful images, usually, some wide-awake shots of older babies are super adorable. 

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